We offer Wholesale Billing Accounts at QuickBooks Online (QBO) to our monthly clients, which is included, along with all the updates. We also offer payroll, even if it’s just you, the owner, or you have employees or 1099 contracted laborers.


  • Reconcile your bank and investment accounts (up to 5).
  • Process your sales tax report and payment(s).
  • Review your payroll reports from QBO or other payroll processor
    • Make adjustments to the accounting records as needed.
  • Review and deliver PDF’s of monthly financial statements
    • On or before the 20th each month, via email.
  • Business coaching = 1 hour monthly (non-cumulative) to include:
    • Advice to help you achieve long term success of the following
      • accounting work
      • consulting
      • clerical service


Prepare annual financial statements by March 1st of each year.
Issue the annual 1099’s and the annual property tax rendering.
W-2, W-3, 941, 940, and State U/E reporting will be done by QB Full Service Payroll (or your choice of similar provider).

Also included: preparation of your annual business & personal state + federal income / franchise tax returns.

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