Don’t fall for the scam “If you owe more than $10,000 in taxes…” that you hear on the radio and TV every day.  Every week I hear someone say, “I can’t believe how LONG it took for them to get back to me after I sent them $600, and then they wanted $5000 !!!”.
And if they paid that – they NEVER heard from them again.

Hey YOU are NOT the bad guy here.  The IRS is!  Give us a call and we will first visit with you to see if our services fit your situation.  If they don’t we will try to give you advice on where you CAN go.

If you owe an “unmanageable” amount to the Bad Guys – we can help.
We can get a payment plan or file an Offer in Compromise to send to the IRS.
It’s time to get this HUGE stressor off your back.

Offer in Compromise interview

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